Arsenal ready to return to top 4 – Wenger

Arsenal have been in the Champions League for a long time, but the team’s results have been not so convincing. The Gunners have not managed to win in the group stage, and they were beaten by Tottenham, which was the best result for the team in the Premier League.

Arsenal has not been in top 4 for a very long time. This season, the team is ready to fight for the title, but it will be very difficult for it to do so. The main problem of the team this season is the lack of motivation. The players are tired of playing in the Europa League, and the team has not managed even to qualify for the Champions Cup.
The main goal of the Gunners is to win the domestic championship, but this season, they will have to do it without the help of the Champions.
However, the main thing for the Gunns is the fight for a place in the top 4, because the team needs to improve its results in order to fight in the domestic arena.
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Latest results of the EPL fixtures
The season of the English Premier League has already come to an end, and it ended with a lot of interesting confrontations. The most important of them were the matches between Manchester United and Liverpool.
Despite the fact that the Red devils started the season very confidently, they could not get into the top-4. The team of Jose Mourinho was not able to demonstrate its maximum, and this led to the fact, that the team was not in the best shape.
In the last round, the Red Devils lost to Chelsea, which meant that the gap between the teams was the largest in the league. The match ended with the score of 1:0.
After that, the Mourinho’sliverpool team was quite unstable, and many players were injured. The Mourinho team had to play without Cristiano Ronaldo, who was suspended for the match.
Liverpool was also in the middle of the table, and its rivals were Chelsea and Manchester City. The Citizens were in the lead of the standings for a while, but they lost the match with a score of 0:3.
This was the first time that the Citizens were not in top-3 of the league, and their rivals were in a good shape. The EPL results of Manchester United were not so good, but at the same time, the club managed to finish in the first place.
It is very important for the Red Devil’ team to win matches in the FA Cup, because it is the main trophy of the Premier league.
Manchester United’ FA Cup results
The FA Cup is the most prestigious football trophy in the world. The competition is held every year, and there are two rounds. The first round is held in the spring, and in the second round, teams have to play in the cup tournament.
Since the start of the season, Manchester United was in the leading position of the FA cup, but after the first round, it lost a lot. The Red Devils were defeated by Crystal Palace, which led to a scoreless draw.
Of course, the result of the match was not the best, but in the end, it was not a good result for Jose Mourinho”s team.
Team’ football is one of the main features of the United team, and Mourinho‘s players have to demonstrate their maximum in the matches. The club has not won the FA trophy for a number of years, and now it is very difficult to do this.
United’ players are not in a very good shape, and if they do not improve their results, they may lose the main cup of the Old Trafford.
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One of the most important events of the current season was the victory of Liverpool in the EFL Cup. The Reds defeated Manchester City, which gave them the first position in the standings.
At the start, the Citizens had a good chance to win, but their game was disrupted by injuries of several players. The season of Manchester City was not so successful, and at the end of the tournament, the score was 0:2.
Due to this, the City lost the Epl cup, and we can see that the club has problems with motivation. This is another reason for the fact why the team cannot win the FA cups.
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Main results of Chelsea’ UEFA Champions League fixtures
After the first matches of the new season, it became clear that the Chelsea team was in a bad shape. Jose Mourinho’s players started the tournament poorly, and after the matches, they were not able even to reach the group stages.
During the group matches, the Chelsea players did not show their maximum, which resulted in the fact they were kicked out of the competition.

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