Possible teams and results of the opening round of the Champions League

The opening round is always a good opportunity to see the new teams and the players’ potential. The main thing is to see how the teams will perform in the Champions league.
The most interesting matches of the season so far were the matches between the teams from the same country. The first matches of Manchester United and Barcelona were very interesting, but the main intrigue was in the middle of the tournament.
In the first round, the teams faced each other twice. The matches were held in the following cities:
* Manchester United – Old Trafford;
* Barcelona – Camp Nou.
Both matches were won by the team that was not in the starting line-up. The team of Josep Guardiola was the first to leave the starting lineup, and the team of Ernesto Valverde was the second.
It is important to note that the first matches were not successful for the team, and they did not have a chance to show their full potential.

The main goal of the teams is to qualify for the next stage of the competition. The teams will play in the next round, and if they get into the playoffs, they will be able to play in a higher division.
All the latest results of matches of Barcelona and Manchester United
The first matches between these teams were not very successful. The players of the team were tired from the previous matches, and it was difficult to find a winning combination. The match was won by Barcelona, but it was not a good result for the Catalans.
Barcelona was in a difficult position. It was in need of a win, but at the same time it had to be careful not to lose points. The result of the match was not so successful for them, and their chances of getting into the next playoffs were very low.
However, the team did not give up, and in the second half of the game, they managed to get a goal. This was the last chance for the players to get into a higher position in the standings, and this was the main goal for the season.
This is why the team is very confident about the result of this match. They are ready to fight for the victory, and even if they lose points, they can always get a positive result.
Manchester United started the season very well. The club was in great shape, and its results were very good. The results of Manchester City were not so good, but they were not in a bad shape either.
After the first rounds, the results of both clubs began to deteriorate. The reason for this is the fact that the teams were playing in the same tournament. The season has already ended, and now it is time for the second round.
As a result, the second part of the championship will begin. The Manchester United team has a lot of problems. The problems are not only in the team’s performance, but also in the personal form of the leaders.
Team’ performance in the matches
The team started the championship very poorly. The starting lineup of the club was not the best, and many of the players did not show their maximum.
Many of the problems of the Manchester United started with the match against Chelsea. The game was not successful, and after the first half, the score was 2:0.
There were several problems with the game of the Chelsea. First of all, the game was unsuccessful for the club. The second problem is the personal performance of the coach.
Josep Guardiola’ coaching style is not the most suitable for the game. The coach often changes the lineup, which leads to the fact, that the game becomes more difficult.
Moreover, the players of Chelsea did not play well, and there were several goals missed.
At the same, the Manchester City started the tournament very well, but in the first part of it, they were in a very bad shape. The personal form and the results were not the same for the two clubs.
City started the game very well and was in front of the opponent for a long time. However, the first game was a failure, and then they started to lose the game more and more.
They were not able to finish the game in the desired manner. The problem of the City was the personal skills of the leader. The player was tired, and his game was affected by the fatigue.
Also, the personal game of Aguero was not good, and he was not able not to miss a single ball.
Despite the problems, the City still managed to win the match, and although the team was not at its best, they still managed it.
Main results of all the matches of EPL
The EPL is very important for the clubs, and Manchester City is one of the main favorites of the current season. The City has a good squad, and several players are able to make a difference in the results.
Among the main leaders of the EPL, the most important are:
1. Aguero. The Aguero is the main player of the English Premier League. He has already won the Golden Shoe, and is considered to be one of best players in the world.
3. Sergio Aguero, who is able to score a lot.
4. David Silva, who can be called the main star of the Guardiola’s team.

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