The state of mind for Real Madrid vs Apoel Nicosia

The team of Zinedine Zidane has been in the Champions League for a long time, and it has won the tournament a number of times. The team is always ready to fight for the title, but it is not easy to win it.
Real Madrid has a good squad, but the problem is that many players are not in the best condition. The main competitors of the team are Barcelona and Atletico.
The Apoels are one of the main contenders for the champion title, and the team is also in the fight for a place in the Europa League zone.

The current season of the Champions Cup is very interesting. The first rounds of the tournament were held in the summer, and there were a lot of unexpected results. However, the teams managed to win the first matches, so the fans were not disappointed.
In the second part of the season, the favorites of the competition were Atletico and Barcelona. The latter managed to get into the semifinals, and they were very close to the victory. The teams played against each other for a number of times, and in the last rounds, the game was very tense.
Atletico was leading by a large margin, and despite the fact that the team was not in a good shape, the fans still believed in the team. However Barcelona was much stronger than Atletico, and although the Catalans were not in their best shape, they managed to finish in the playoffs.
This is a great example of how the Champions Cups can be won, and how the fans can expect a lot from the tournament.
Live Results of the Season
The season is still in the middle, so there are still a lot to be done. However the fans are very happy with the results of the first rounds, and believe that the teams will be able to fight until the very last round.
Many of the favorites are already in the playoff zone, and now it is much easier to follow their progress. The live score of the matches is available on the sports statistics website.
Apollon Limassol vs. Olympiacos
The second match of the draw was between Apollon and Olympiaco. The match was held in a tense struggle, and Apollons managed to take the first place.
Olympiaco was not at its best, but they managed not to lose points. The Apollonese team is a good example of the fact, that the club has a long bench, and each player has his place. The coach managed to use the bench well, and he managed to rotate the players to the best of their ability.
However, Apolloni was not able to get the victory, and Olympiakos won the match.
It is clear that the Apollonees will not be able not to win a place at the playoffs, and this is a positive sign for the club.
You can follow the results on the website of sports statistics.
Main Favorites of the Second Half of the Tournament
The main favorites of this season are:
1. Apolloniae. The club has long bench and is ready to play in any situation. The players are very motivated, and their performance is very good.
2. Olympiakou. The fans are waiting for the team to get a good result. The results of this team are not so good, but there is a lot that can be improved.
3. Barcelona. This team is in a very good shape. The game is very tense, and many players have a good chance of winning.
4. Atletico Madrid. The Spanish team is not in its best shape. However they are in a great shape, and if they play in the right way, they will be very close.
5. Valencia. The squad is in good shape and is able to win matches.
6. Valencia CF. The football club is in great shape and has a number 1 position in the standings.
7. Valencia C. The current season is very busy, and a lot can happen.
8. Valencia B. The B team has a very bright future.
9. Valencia E. The E team is very strong, and even if the club does not win the Champions’ Cup, it will be a great achievement.
10. Valencia M. The M team is the main favorite of the playoffs and will be in the leading position.
11. Valencia A. The A team is still young, and its results are not that good. However it has a bright future and is capable of winning a place among the top teams.
12. Valencia S. The S team is one of those teams that will be difficult to beat.
13. Granada. The Granada team is quite strong, but its results in the current season are not very good, and we can expect more from them.
14. Granollers. The young team has good results, and will try to win gold medals.
15. Mallorca. The Mallorcan team is strong, although the club is not at the best shape at the moment.
16. Mallory. The youth team is able of winning gold medals, and is one the main favorites.
17. Espanyol. The Espanyols are a great team, and are in the top 4.
18. Mall.

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