Top 10 most expensive players in the world

This year, the transfer window has been very active, and it has become much easier to get a good deal for your favorite player. This is especially true for the top-rated players.
In the current season, the most expensive transfer was made by Real Madrid. The club bought the young Brazilian midfielder Fred from Porto for a record-high price of 6.5 million euros.
The transfer of the Portuguese player, who was a mainstay of the team for a long time, has been a real success. The player has already become a good replacement for the legendary Ronaldo, who has already left the club.
Another star player who has been bought for a high price is Manchester City’s Nicolas Otamendi. The Argentine player cost the club 2.5 billion euros, but he has already managed to become a key player of the club and is one of the main stars of the current campaign.
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The most expensive transfers of the season
The current season has already shown that the transfer market is very active. It is also important to note that the most profitable transfers are not always the most successful ones.
For example, the Manchester City bought Riyad Mahrez from Liverpool for 4.5billion euros. The Egyptian player has become a great sensation in the Premier League and is now a key figure of the Citizens.
However, the club has already lost a lot of points in the current tournament. The Citizens have lost to the team of Manchester United in the Champions League. The City also lost to Barcelona in the Spanish Cup.
It is also worth noting that the Citizens have not been able to win the English Premier League for a very long time.
Manchester City”s chances of winning the Premier league title
The Citizens have a good squad, which is very well balanced. The team has a good goalkeeper, as well as defenders, midfielders, and forwards.
This allows the club to play in the strongest league in the Old World. However, the current results of Manchester City have not pleased the fans. The players are not performing well, and the team is not able to compete with the main favorites of the tournament.
At the end of the previous season, Manchester City lost to Liverpool in the final of the Champions league. This was a real disappointment for the club, which had a good chance of winning it.
Now, the Citizens are in a very difficult position. They have to play not only in the English championship, but also in the Europa League. However the team has not been in the best shape for a few months, and this is reflected in the results.
Real Madrid’ transfer of Fred
The club bought Fred from Manchester City for a huge amount of money. The Portuguese player cost Real Madrid 2.2 billion euros. This transfer is a real loss for the team.
Fred is a young player who is already able to become one of Real’ main stars. The transfer of this player has not pleased Real Madrid, and now the club is trying to find a replacement for him.
One of the most likely candidates is the Brazilian midfielder Thiago Silva. The young player is a good substitute for Fred, and he has managed to show good results. However he is not the most talented player of Real Madrid and can not play in every position.
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Football news on fscore
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Many fans are very interested in the transfer of Riyad, who cost Manchester City 2.4 billion euros and is a key star of the English team. The fans are also interested in buying a new goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is a very important position in football.
There are many good candidates for the position of the goalkeeper, and many fans are looking for a new choice. However it is very difficult to find such a player for a large amount of cash.
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Fans’ interest in transfers of Riyads
The fans are interested in transfers, and they are also very interested to see the success of the new team. Manchester City has a very good squad and a good coach. The squad of the Red Devils has a lot to offer, and there are many players who can be used by the club in different positions.
Among the most important players of the City are:
* Riyad;
* Kevin De Bruyne;
* Gabriel Jesus.
All of them are able to play on the field, and if they are not able, they can be replaced by other players.

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